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One.Product presentation

Glucoamylase (Glucan 1,4-α-glucosidase) is made from Aspergillus niger through cultivation and extraction technique. This product can be used in the industries of alcohol, distillate spirits, beer brewing, organic acid, sugar and the glycation of antibiotic industrial material.

Two. Product specification and quanlity index






Light-brown liquid

Light-yellow powder


40-65 degrees

Activity u/g(ml)


Best temperature

60 degrees


No irritative smell

Water concent


pH range


40mesh sieve


Best pH


Volume weight


Three.Define of enzyme activity

In the condition of 40 degrees,pH4.6,one gram enzyme powder or liquid decomposed soluble starch in one hour to produce 1mg Glucose,which is defined as one activity unit .it is showed by u/g or u/ml.

Four.Using methods

1. Beer brewing

 This product can be added before fermentation and saccharification start,which can improve fermentation.Recommended using amount: 0.1-0.25L per ton malt.

2. Alcohol business

 When the material is boiled and temperature is reduced to 60 centi grade,you can add glucoamylase.Recommended amount:0.4-0.6L unit per ton dry material.Temperature is kept about 30-60 mins,and after temperature of material get cold, you can ferment it.

3. Starch sugar business

After this material is liquefied, PH is adjusted to 4.2-4.5,and temperature is reduced to 60 centi grade,and then glucoamylase is added to start to sacharify. Recommended amount: 100-300 u per gram material.

4. Monosodium,Antibiotics business

After starch is liquefied and temperature is reduced to 60 centi grade,you can change PH to 4.5,and then add gulcoamylase.Recommended amount:100300 unit per gram material.

Five.Package and storage

The liquid is packed by innoxious plastic cask( 25kg per cask).The powder is packed as follows:inside package is innoxious plastic bag(1kg per bag),and external package is paper box(20kg).

This product must be put in cool and dry place and avoided sunshining.

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