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Beer complex enzyme

One.Product presentation

Beer complex enzyme which is independently combined by our corporation consists of some kinds of  enzyme which is used in beer brewing industry,including  Beta-dextranase,Xylanase,Cellulose,Neutral protease,Middle-temperature Alpha-amylase,etc.

Through many experiments and pilot plant test,the proportion of combination is very reasonable and efficient,and can exert their function of all kinds of enzyme preparation.It has been used extensively in beer brewery,which has obtained good result.

Two.Product package and specification

1 kg per bag(Aluminum foil bag)     20kg per paper box.

Beta-dextranase:900 thousand u/g   Xylanase:900 thousand u/g  Neutral protease:35000 u/g         Alpha-amylase:10000u/g.

98 percent can pass 80 meshed normal sieve.

Three.Using methods

Recommended amount of beer saccharification is 200-600 g per ton malt.

In the event of high-concentrated glycation and using numerous national malt,the best using amounts of this beer complex enzyme is 400-600 g per ton malt(net weight).If the result of glycation is very good,you can properly reduce the using amount.

This enzyme can be added after material has been put into mesh copper.This enzyme can be directly put into mesh copper.

Four.Using condition

pH range:  proper pH:3.6-6.5, the best pH:5.5.

Temperature:proper temperature:40-75 centi grade,the best:65 centi grade.

Five.Using result

It is mainly used in the process of saccharification of beer brewing to improve and raise rusult of glycation.It can validly decompose Xylanase,Beta-dextranase to reduce viscocity of malt juice,and increase malt juice and beer’s filter efficiency and quality,and Improve receiving rate of malt juice.It can also decompose protease,improve content of Alpha-amino nitrogen and dissolved nitrogen in malt juice.

Six.Package and storage

This product is a kind of active substance,which should be put on the cool,dry place,avoiding strong shine,heat,moisture.It can be well kept six months below 25 centi grade,one year below 4 cent grade.

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