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One.product presentation

This product is a kind of solid enzyme which is extracted from the yeast fermentation,it can be directly used for cheese, feed, medicine, cheese and casein manufacture of condensation and related industries.

Two. Product specification and quality index






Yellow-white powder/yellow granules or flakes


30-42 degrees

Activity u/ml


Best temperature

37-42 degrees


Micro-salty smell

Volume weight


pH range


40mesh sieve


Three.define of enzyme activity

In the condition of 35 centi grade,the amount of raw milk that 1 gram of rennet powder can condense in 40 minutes.

Four.Using methods

Usually, 20-40 ml of rennet solution can be added into 100 kg raw milk. The amount of rennet solution is inversely proportional to time , dosage doubled, time halved.

The amount do not affect the discharge of the whey, the experiments show that the dosage of rennet have no effect on the water content and pH of the cheese after 24 hours.But the amount affect the mature of cheese,if the amount be in large, the decomposition of protein would be accelerated.At the same time ,rennnet decomposing protein with bitter peptide, so the large dosage will increases bitterness of the cheese.

The strength of rennin is determined by Arima method, take 5ml, 100g / L of skim milk, incubated at 35 for 5 min, adding 0.5ml, lg / L of chymopapain solution,mix them rapidly and accurately measure the time T (s) from adding enzyme liquid to the solidification time,

the amount of enzyme solidify 1ml , 100g / L of skim milk in 40 min,Which is defined as one saxhlet unit.

The strength of rennin = (2400/T) (5/0.5) D(Dilution)

Five. Package and storage

1kg per aluminium foil bag, 20kg per paper box.

This product is a kind of active substance,which should be put on the cool,dry place,avoiding strong shine,heat,moisture. Enzyme activity can be well kept over 85 percent in six months in 25 degrees.

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