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Thermostable Alpha Amylase

One.product presentation

Alpha-amylase is extracted deeply from the Aspergillus oryzalvar which is cultivated deeply. This enzyme is a kind of endonuclease,and it can rapidly hydrolyze Alpha-1,4 glucose glycosidic linkage which is in gelatinized starch, amylose, pullulan to produce soluble dextrine and some maltose, glucose. If this enzyme reacts with material long time, the material will become syrup which contain high maltose and little glucose.This fungal alpha-amylase is used extensively in Saccharum Granorum, high maltose, beer brewing, baked foods, etc.

Two. Prduct specification and quality index






Brown liquid


80-110 degrees

Activity u/ml


Best temperature

90-97 degrees


No irritative smell

Volume weight


pH range


Best pH


Three.define of enzyme activity

In the condition of 70 centi grade,ph6.0,amount of this enzyme it needs that one mg dissolved starch  can get dextrin in one minute can be define as enzyme activity.

Four.Using methods

1. In the process of beer brewing,6-8 unit enzyme can be added into one gram raw material after this raw material is mixed with water.It can be added once,and it can increase temperature at once and keep about thirty mins in ninety-five and ninety-seven centi grade.

2. In the process of producing alcohol,6 unit enzyme can be added into one gram raw material.PH is 6.5-7.0,and this material can be put into boiling pan or continual boiling machine after it is stired.Temperature can be controlled of 100 centi grade,and it can be kept about 100 mins.after it is cold,it can glycate.

3. In the process of business of starch,monosodium glutamate, the PH is 6.0-6.5,and 10-12 unit enzyme can be added into one gram raw material.If it is liquefied intervally, the temperature can be increase to 100 centi grade at once in the liquefied pot,which can be kept over 30 minutes in 95-100 centi grade.If it is liquefied spurtingly, the spurting temperature can achieve to 105 centi grade, and it can be kept 60-120 mins in 95 centi grade.

Seven. Package and storage

The weight of every plastic cask istwenty-five kilogram.

This product is active bio-substance, which is avoided strong sunshine and high temperature. It should be put on cool and dry place.

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