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One.Product presentation

In the process of beer brewing,excessive dissolved substance which contents nitrogen in material and accessories enter into malt juice evitably.The excessive thermal-changed protease can be removed when the malt juice is boiled,but there are many other cool protease to result in beer turbidity,which canít be removed through normal boil.This cool protease can make filter difficult,and effact eventually beerís non-biological stability.In the process of boiling malt juice,adding Carrageenan can validly remove excessive protease(especially cool protease) to obtain clear and stable malt juice.

Carrageenan is a macromolecular D-Gelose which is extracted from extractive of Delisea Pulchra,and it is a neutral and green prodcut.In the case of PH of malt juice,it can apply its molecular-chain ester sulphate to combine with protease which has the positive charge in malt juice to generate condensation product which generally gets big and heavy and deposit from the juice,and then generate the firm malt dregs,therefore,the result of removing excessive protease can be reached,which increase beerís non-biological stability.

Two.Main function and trait

 1. Removing excessive protease(especially cool protease) in malt juice to increase beer non-biological stability.

 2. Clearing malt juice to improve beer filter.

 3. Induce the using quantity of filtering medium.

 4. Raising density of malt dregs,and induce loss of malt juice to increase acquired rate of malt juice.

 5. It is completely a kind of auxiliary medium which combine with protease and donít enter into beer after it deposits.

 6. This wonít affect stability of beer flavor.

Three.Using methods

     This product is added into the boiling pan ahead of ten to twenty mins before malt juice finishs its boil.Granular carrageenan can be directly added into the boiling pan,and powder should be mixed to paste using water before it is added,which can avoid powderís fly.

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