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Complex enzyme for older pigs

One. Product presentation

 Complex enzyme for older pigs is one of complex enzyme, which is designed according to pig physiological characteristics and feed raw materials. older pigs is the time of rapid growth, consuming much feed. This Complex enzyme is mainly the non-starch polysaccharide enzymes, with other enzymes, which can well digest non-starch polysaccharide and composed non-starch polysaccharide, the reasonable characteristics, which can save daily ration.

Second.product function


1.      This Complex enzyme can digest starch polysaccharide, and effectively digest the cellulase, xylanase, beta-dextranase and so on in the feed,which can reduce the viscosity of chymus, This Complex enzyme can well digest protein , add amino acids for pig, and optimize the nutritional composition of pigs.

2.      Destroy plant cell, promote cells nutrient release , improve nutrient substance of feed, expand the raw material type, make full use of non-conventional feed resources, reduce the cost of formula and remain requirements, which can raise feed energy titer and can reduce about 5% of daily ration to add complex enzyme

3.Restrain Intestinal harmful organisms to grow, increase the quantity of beneficial microorganisms, maintain the dynamic balance of animal gut microbes, reduce diarrhea, and enhance immunity and disease resistance of animal.

Third. Product specification and quality index


Cellulase 1500IU/g, Beta –dextranase  1500IU/g, Xylanase 3000IU/g,Alpha-amylase 700U/g, Protease 100U/g.


Four. Using Method

The temperature of crushing material and granulating should be below 85 ;

Advice dosage is 50 - 100 g/T, mixing rushing material and lgradually dilution blends till it requirment.

Five . Package and Storage

inside package is innoxious plastic bag(1kg per bag),and external package is paper box(20kg).

This product is a activated substance, which should be put in cool, dry place and avoided sun shining. The retention period for half one year, the activity will be above 85 percent under 25 degrees.


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