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One.Product presentation

This enzyme is also called High Malt-sugar Enzyme.It is a new product produced according to the new demand of producing high malt sugar for enzyme.It is made in the base of Barley Beta-amylase.After it is improved,itís activity is obviously improved,and the glucose concent is less.whatís more,it can improve the sugar productivity in the production of malt sugar.It is mainly used in the production of malt sugar,beer fermentation,feed,etc.

Two.Product specification and quality index






Light yellow powder

Temperature range

58-62 degrees

Activity u/g


Best temperature

60 degrees


No irritative smell

Loss on drying


pH range


40 mesh standard sieve


Three.Define of activity

In the standard condition of pH 5.8,Temp 60,One enzyme activity unit is defined as grams of the malt sugar in condition that one gram enzyme powder decomposed 1 percent soluble starch every hour to get malt sugar.

Four.Using methods

  In the process of malt sugar production,this enzyme is mixed with water as per the proportion of 1:5,and it is dipped in 60 degrees water about thirty minutes.After material is liquefied,you can adjust the pH of solution of corn starch to 6.0 and rice to 5.8,and then this enzyme is added once and stired when the solution temperature is lowed to 60,and keep the temperature to liquefy the solution.100-150 unit enzyme can be added in each gram material(100-150 unit this enzyme per gram raw material).

  In the process of beer production,this enzyme is added as per the quality of barley malt.The proportion of barley malt and raw material is 6:4 or 5:5.The mixed proportion of this enzyme and water is 1:5,and it is dipped in 30 degrees water about thirty minutes.Further,this prepared enzyme is once added in the material solution and keep the temperature to liquefy the starch solution.250-300 unit enzyme should be added in each gram material(250-300 unit this enzyme per gram raw material).

Five.Storage condition

Inside pack is innoxious plastic bag: 1 kg per bag. External pack is paper box:20 kg per box.

This product must be put in the dry and cool place.It can be kept about 12 months below 10 degrees.It can be well kept six months below 25 degrees,which the activity is over 95 percent.

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